Post-Apocalyptic Music Pack

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description of project

Soundtracks in the good quality in Dark Action style.

Post-Apocalyptic world... World after nuclear war, arctic ice melting, fatal disease, zombie apocalypse, and so on … How would it look like? One thing we can be sure: it would be dangerous, dark place, where you must became a predator not to be eaten by others.

Format: mp3, ogg, wav

Pack includes:

  1. Mad Road (2:29)
  2. Night Hunters (1:54)
  3. Not Friendly (1:12)
  4. Rush I loop (0:22)
  5. Rush II loop (0:18). v.2 (0:36)
  6. Through the Dark (2:02)
  7. Remember New World (1:23)
  8. Lost World (2:17)

As bonus - Pursuit of the Death (3:04)