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description of project

  • Category: Audio/Music
  • Price: $10
  • Title: Kids Music Pack
  • Description: Kids Music Pack contains a dozen of tracks that can be used for any kids games: main menu theme, fast-paced gameplay, relaxing gameplay, whatever you need!

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Format: ogg, wav

Pack includes 10 tracks. Total playing time: 7:52.

  • Keywords: music soundtrack kids kid fun

Pack includes

kids_music_1 (0:49)

kids_music_2 (0:40)

kids_music_3 (0:46)

kids_music_4 (0:53)

kids_music_5 (0:51)

kids_music_6 (0:39)

kids_music_7 (0:49)

kids_music_8 (0:40)

kids_music_9 (0:40)

kids_music_10 (0:01:14)