Horror Music Pack

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description of project

Soundtracks in the good quality in Horror and Dark Ambient style.

The master of Horror - Alfred Hitchcock - once said "There is nothing more scary than a closed door..." What would there be, behind it? Should you open this door? What is more hard: to feel than the suspense, or feel your blood boil with adrenaline? In this pack you will find the "closed door" and the terror, that is hidden behind it.

Format: mp3, ogg, wav

Pack includes:

  1. Almost Caught Me (1:47)
  2. Chased by a Witch (1:15)
  3. Children's Room (1:21)
  4. Cursed Land (1:57)
  5. Dark Temple (2:39)
  6. Dark Tunnel (1:22)
  7. Fleeing from the Devil (0:47)
  8. House in the Woods (1:02)
  9. The Mist (1:19)
  10. You are My Patient (0:45)

+ 12 loops